Policy Statement

The aim of this policy is to ensure that SDSP source our products in an ethical, sustainable way that works for the mutual benefit of both ourselves and our supply partners. Where we encounter areas that need improvement, we will work with our suppliers to bring their standards and practices into line with our social and environmental values.

Supplier Standards

In conjunction with our Supplier Code of Conduct we work with our supply partners to survey, review and enforce their legal, social and environmental practices. Our code of conduct establishes the key criteria on which we assess, approve, retain or discard our suppliers:

1)            Legal & Regulatory

2)            Standard Business Practises

3)            Employment Practices

4)            Sustainability

Risk Assessments

We carry out periodic assessments of our supply partners to assess their performance relating to the Supplier Code of Conduct criteria.

Supplier Evaluation

We expect our supply chain to conduct their business practices in accordance with our Code of Conduct. All supplier agreements/contracts have the Code of Conduct embedded within the contract.  We adopt a collaborative approach with our supply chain and work with them to raise awareness and take corrective action if any standards fall below the requirements. SDSP reserve the right to withdraw from a contract/supply agreement if our code of conduct is violated.

Application of the Policy

SDS Protection Limited carries out official audits of our supply partners and score them against the Code Of Conduct criteria. These audits occur annually. A post-audit meeting is arranged with the supplier where our findings are reviewed and if necessary, measures agreed to ensure compliance in all areas.