SDS Protection Ltd aims to be the benchmark trading organisation in the field of Virtual
manufacturer, importer and distributor of sterile and nonsterile healthcare apparel and surgical drapes and
related industries.

SDS Protection Ltd operates simple, systemised and transparent processes that drive
accountability, productivity and external focus.SDS Protection Ltd is committed to quality excellence, as well as providing unrivalled customer service, and achieve this by offering:

Customers are at the heart of our business. SDS Protection Ltd is committed to continual review
and improvement of processes, products and services, to meet and exceed our customers’

SDS Protection Ltd have established quality systems and monitor processes against performance
targets set within business plans and objectives programmes.

SDS Protection Ltd will achieve our improvement targets through continual training and
communication of the key business objectives to all personnel.

Customer service measures are reported monthly as part of the “PROPS” commitment (Product
Availability, Right First Time, On Time Delivery, Product Quality & Service Quality).

SDS Protection Ltd has established working groups within the business to ensure that quality
expectations of both processes and products are being met and where possible exceeded.

SDS Protection Ltd is committed to continual improvement of both products and processes.
The framework for setting objectives lies within Business Planning for each part of the business,
whereby targets are set based on opportunities for growth and improvement, and to eliminate
and contain risks.

The Management Review Meeting considers the effectiveness of these management programmes
outlined by this policy.

Mark James General Manager Date: 16/07/20